Fairies R Us

So, I’ve started framing the cheeky lasses. They don’t look half bad if I do say so myself.

This is probably the closest I have gotten to forming a proper collection of work that I’m really happy with.

Next stop, once I’ve painted a couple more, will be to start the process of submitting to a couple of galleries. This will be the part where I shuffle into the gallery, squeak my name like a pre pubescent boy and proceed to stumble over my sentences whilst asking about getting my work on the wall. 

Or I’ll just walk into the gallery and stare at the curator until they feel uncomfortable and ask me what I want before I silently shove my paintings into their stomach and flee whilst giggling manically.     

I haven’t chosen my favoured approach yet.

Wendy House Makeover

Wendy house

About 2 years ago I had the bright idea of letting my 3 year old paint her own wendy house. 10 minutes into this venture I realised that if I wasn’t going for ‘dirty protest’ chic then this may have been a bad idea.

This year, having moved to a new house with a fairly respectful garden I decided to surprise my daughter with a Wendy house makeover. Gone are the brown and grey finger smears and instead, a little flower patch with butterfly.

Much better dontcha think?

Flower Fairies – Foxglove

Flower fairy - Foxglove

This is Foxglove. She is a super lazy fairy. Her favourite past time is sitting on flowers and eating a blob of blackberry very slowly whilst judging the flying style of passing fairies. Everyone now and then she dozes off and tumbles off her perch. She generally tries to pick spots to sit with soft dandelion puffs to fall into.. just in case.