My Artwork has been STOLEN!

Please share this update with as many people as you can, especially if they are in or around the Bedfordshire area in the UK.

On Friday the 13th of January 2017 (ha! yes it lived up to its name) between 7.40pm and 10pm someone smashed my car window and stole the coat pictured  and a portfolio of my artwork which includes the pictures attached to this message. My car was parked outside the village hall on Blunham Road in Moggerhanger. I am the third victim in recent months.

Police have said it is a long shot but if I can spread the word -you never know, my coat, leather portfolio or artwork might show up on ebay, at a car boot sale, thrift shop or in a hedge near you. Chances are slim but the more people who can keep a look out, the more hope I have that something may be returned. Who knows, we may even catch the nasty piece of work that did this and who has broken in to other cars on the same stretch of road.

Needless to say, the artwork is the most heartbreaking thing to have lost. Inside my portfolio included the first comic strip I ever had published, a portrait of my daughter and some old but cherished character designs from my video game days. Any help is much appreciated.

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