Fairies of Vice – The Tabacco Fairy

After weeks of painting pretty fairies, it feels like the right time to start my fares of Vice. 

I’m a huge fan of both Brian Froud and Cicely Barker, two excellent fairies conasures and this series is going to be part homage part rebellion against the type of fairies they create/created.

I can relate to my first vice fairy. She knows what she is supposed to be; delicate, pure, kind but selfishness, addiction and greed get in the way. The tobacco plant was never going to make the cut in the flower fairy club. So,ostracised by her own actions, the tobacco fairy sits, puffs and watches others do what was expected of her.

Perhaps as I create more of these you will find a vice fairy that speaks to you and your fears and percived weaknesses too.

Fairies R Us

So, I’ve started framing the cheeky lasses. They don’t look half bad if I do say so myself.

This is probably the closest I have gotten to forming a proper collection of work that I’m really happy with.

Next stop, once I’ve painted a couple more, will be to start the process of submitting to a couple of galleries. This will be the part where I shuffle into the gallery, squeak my name like a pre pubescent boy and proceed to stumble over my sentences whilst asking about getting my work on the wall. 

Or I’ll just walk into the gallery and stare at the curator until they feel uncomfortable and ask me what I want before I silently shove my paintings into their stomach and flee whilst giggling manically.     

I haven’t chosen my favoured approach yet.

Final Fantasy 14 Tank Gear Design Contest

Breastplate design

For anyone who play Final Fantasy 14, you may already be aware that back in June/July Square Enix ran a competition for people to design armor for a tank class character. Well, alas I didn’t make the cut. But on the plus side, I can now post my design up here. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that!

Congrats to the people that did make the finalists. If you want to check out the awesome designs that did make the cut they can be found here.

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Wendy House Makeover

Wendy house

About 2 years ago I had the bright idea of letting my 3 year old paint her own wendy house. 10 minutes into this venture I realised that if I wasn’t going for ‘dirty protest’ chic then this may have been a bad idea.

This year, having moved to a new house with a fairly respectful garden I decided to surprise my daughter with a Wendy house makeover. Gone are the brown and grey finger smears and instead, a little flower patch with butterfly.

Much better dontcha think?

Blossom the cat

Flower cat

Blossom the cat is a happy, sleepy kitty. His favourite food is stolen yoghurt (it doesn’t taste the same if it isn’t something he is not supposed to eat) and his favourite past time is dozing with one eye open watching butterflies in the garden.