Final Fantasy VIII Kitties

I finally (hah! pun) finished my kitties. This is a homage to my all time favourite game.

I finally (hah, pun not intended) finished my homage to Final Fantasy 8, Kitty style. This was a real labour of love, I really struggled to complete the page but I am so happy that I did. My favourite drawing chunks are dancing Squall kitty, Squall kitty with fish blade and Rinoa Kitty squashing Squall Kitty on route to Esthar.

I will post each chunk, one at a time, one day at a time, so you can get a closer look.

The Start of Something Beautiful

A beautiful new start
A beautiful new start

I’ve decided that it is time for a fresh start and this website is where I’m going to begin! I want to spend time actually showcasing my artwork, good or bad, instead of hiding it inside a sketch book. I usually hate doing this sort of thing, but unless I share, I won’t improve.So please, pop your feet up, swig your steamy hot cup of tea and have a good poke around.

You will probably pick up pretty fast that I love all things cat related, especially my two original characters, Belly Cat and Kitty Bug. I am a self proclaimed nerd so I also take great delight in drawing my favourite characters from the media I like to ingest. If I get to turn those characters into some kind of kitty, I’m even happier.

So raise your steaming tea and lets drink to the start of something beautiful! ^_^