The Walking Dead – Michonne

Michonne - The Walking Dead


I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this portrait. Michonne is another of my favourite characters from The Walking Dead and I am not sure I did her justice in this portrait. Still it was fun to do. Her skin tone is beautiful in real life, I hope I captured its hues to some degree.

Daryl Dixon – to ink or not to ink, that is the question.

Daryl Dixon - Mancandy

Watching the episode where the walking dead broke my heart this evening (no spoilers but OMG, the scene on top of the bin, series 6) I had to create my bit of man candy. Whenever he pops over the brow of a hill on his motor bike there is audible swooning in my household.

My walking dead man candy
My walking dead man candy

Now that the picture is at this stage, my favourite and worst part is now upon me. Do I leave the painting how it is, pencil and watercolour…or…do I bite the bullet and ink it up.

I’ll probably sit on it for a few days and stew.

Final Fantasy VIII Kitties

I finally (hah! pun) finished my kitties. This is a homage to my all time favourite game.

I finally (hah! pun) finished my kitties. This is a homage to my all time favourite game.

I finally (hah, pun not intended) finished my homage to Final Fantasy 8, Kitty style. This was a real labour of love, I really struggled to complete the page but I am so happy that I did. My favourite drawing chunks are dancing Squall kitty, Squall kitty with fish blade and Rinoa Kitty squashing Squall Kitty on route to Esthar.

I will post each chunk, one at a time, one day at a time, so you can get a closer look.

The Start of Something Beautiful

A beautiful new start
A beautiful new start

I’ve decided that it is time for a fresh start and this website is where I’m going to begin! I want to spend time actually showcasing my artwork, good or bad, instead of hiding it inside a sketch book. I usually hate doing this sort of thing, but unless I share, I won’t improve.So please, pop your feet up, swig your steamy hot cup of tea and have a good poke around.

You will probably pick up pretty fast that I love all things cat related, especially my two original characters, Belly Cat and Kitty Bug. I am a self proclaimed nerd so I also take great delight in drawing my favourite characters from the media I like to ingest. If I get to turn those characters into some kind of kitty, I’m even happier.

So raise your steaming tea and lets drink to the start of something beautiful! ^_^